Brand : American Kennel Club

American Kennel Club 2-in-1 Seatbelt Harness, Medium

Seat belt harnesses are essential for traveling with your pet and as dog owners, you expect the utmost safety, comfort and convenience from your pets seat belt harness. Our 2 in 1 harnesses are extremely easy to use and versatile. By simply slipping the harness over your pet’s head and connecting the clasps around the chest you are all ready to either slide your car’s seat belt through the back to buckle your pet in or attach your leash to the metal ring on the back for a safe and secure outing. The AKC seat bely harnesses are made with your dog’s utmost safety and comforter in mind. We provide adjustable straps with a heavy-duty nylon webbing for a durable and secure fit and a Sherpa lined chest piece which provides your pet extra padding and support in the event of a short stop.


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