Price : $38.99
Brand : Best Pet Supplies, Inc.

Best Pet Supplies BPS – Lotus Bed – Tan Stripes (L)

Best Pet Supplies Lotus Bed is made with fabric that are build to be durable and easy to take care of. The whole bed is made washable. Unlike other hairy pet beds, this bed is much easier to wash. Both odor and hair comes right off after washing. The bed are shaped to be perfect for your pets to curl in. They available 5 sizes Extra-Small(18″), Small(22″), Medium(26″), Large(30″), and X-Large(32″)

Please follow the below instructions to unpack:

1. Find a place with space to unpack as the bed will expand in size very quickly.
2. Place the bed flat on the floor. Carefully use a scissors to cut the bag without cutting the bed.
3. As soon as the bag is cut, the bag and the bed inside will start to expand.
4. Massage the bed and the cushion between your hands to allow air to flow through the fabric.
5. Allow for up to 24 hours for the bed to reach its original size and couple more days for the creases and dents to disappear.
6. Let your dog enjoy the bed!


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