BESTHING Dog Training Collar, 1000ft Remote Dog Shock Collar, 100% Waterproof Rechargeable Beep/Vibra/Electric Shock (Green)

Safe, Humane Dog Training Collar
Designed for dogs, this Dog Training Collar offers both the joy of freedom and the discipline your dog needs.
Three of training modes, long battery time, completely waterproof with a range up to 1000ft, FC/CE Certified, easy to use,
makes this Dog Training Collar a safe and effective solution to help correct barking, walking, sitting, aggression, and other behavioral obedience.

Three Training Modes
Offers three modes for your choice.
Levels are adjustable, you are advised to try levels gradually to find the proper level for your dog.

Individual Button For Each Action
This dog training collar has individual button for each mode so you do not accidentally shock your dog by misoperation.

Skin Protection
Comes with 2 conductive silicone covers on the receiver contact points. Protect your dogs’ skin from scratching.

Rechargeable Batteries & Long Battery Time
2-in-1 charger allows charging two devices simultaneously. A single charge lasts for days, which makes this dog training collar easy and practical to use.

Carry Everywhere
Two devices are compact and portable to put into pocket or bag without any burden. Easily carry outdoors while hiking, traveling with you dog.

Easy To Use
Fully charged two devices. Pair the Remote with the Receiver. Wear the receiver in your dog’s neck. Select the proper mode for your dog as per its reaction and you are ready to go.

Quick & Straightforward Pairing
This dog training collar is pretty straightforward and easy to switch back-and-forth between the device and your dog in an instant. No delay between pushing button to shock or vibrate. No pause that hampers corrections in your dog’s behavior.

1*Collar Receiver
1*Remote Transmitter
1*Test Bulb
1*Wrist Strap
4* Contact Points
1*Charger Adapter
1*USB Charging Cable


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