Brand : Droiee

Dog Harness [FREE Leash Included] Heavy Duty – Adjustable & Durable – Premium Quality – Best Pet Control Training and Walking – Rescue Harness Collar for Large/Medium/Small Dog

Long-Lasting Soft Leash

Harnesses happen to be more comfortable for pets as compared to a leash tied to the neck collar. Our Dog Harness delivers an all-around useful accessory that works for all types and breeds of pets. It also features a 3-size made ideal for small, medium and large animals. The adjustable design will make it super easy for you to tune the size depending on what’s needed for your pet.

Durable Quality

Designed from a top-quality industry-grade material that is resistant to wear, this accessory is built to last. Save money on the long-term by acquiring a highly durable leash that will work for as long as you need it, and that’s compatible with all types and breeds of dogs.

Order Confidently

Buy confidently from a premium brand that’s been producing pet products for years. Join thousands of other happy customers today!


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