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Dogwell DWBB-1 Remote Dog Training E-collar Rechargeable and Waterproof Collar with Beep,vibration and Shock Electronic & Blue Backlight Screen


1.Chargeable Remote Transmitter and Receiver collar.

2.Waterproof Receiver Collar your pet can swim in the water.

3.100 levels of vibration.

4.100 levels of static shock (optional).

5.The levels can be altered by pressing Up & down button.

6.A tone button activates a tone on the receiver.

7.Power save:

The receiver collar will go into deeply sleep if no operation for 4 minutes. And any movement will activate the receiver.

The transmitter will go into STANDBY MODE if there is no operation after 20 seconds and go into deeply sleep after 2 minute, press any button except LED light button can activate the transmitter from Standby mode and press Mode button for 5 seconds to activate the transmitter from deep sleep mode.

Pairing the Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar:

1. Turn on the Remote Transmitter by pressing the Mode Button.

2. Select channel 1 or 2 by pressing the ½ button.

3. Turn on the Receiver Collar by pressing the on/off button.

4. Press and hold the on/off button for 5 seconds, the LED light will begin to flash.

5. Once the Receiver Collar beeps and begins to flash, press the Y button on the Remote Transmitter immediately.

6. You will hear a 2nd beep from the Receiver collar, if pairing is done successfully.

7. If pairing a second Receiver Collar, repeat steps 2 to 5, but choose the other channel that the first Receiver Collar is not paired to.


– 1 x Remote Transmitter

– 1 x Collar Receiver

– 1 x Adjustable Nylon Belt

– 2 x USB Charging Cable

– 1 x Charger

– 1 x Test Bulb

– 3 Set of Metal Probes


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