Price : $9.99
Brand : DuraPaws

DuraPaws My Dog is Home Alone Emergency Alert Plastic Contact Wallet Card and Key Tag (Writable Surface on Back Side of Card)

Accidents happen. One less worry would be knowing your designated emergency contact(s) can be notified by first responders that you are injured, so your pet guardian can check on or care for your dog(s) until you are able. The DuraPaws Dog Emergency Alert cards are about the size of a business card, so they fit easily in a wallet. The bright red color is similar to a medical alert card, so it will be noticed by emergency personnel. We have a special needs dog that requires specific care. We put the name/number of a trusted family member and our vet on our DuraPaws Dog Emergency Alert cards. We have a sense of peace knowing our fur baby will be cared for until we are able. Whether your pets are furry, feathered or scaled – our line of DuraPaws Emergency Alert cards will work for you!


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