Price : $10.99
Brand : Fancymay

Fancymay Pet Paw Protection Balm 100-Gram Value Pack, Natural Paw & Nose Protection Balm for Dogs & Cats from Crack or Dry – 3.5 OZ

Your pet is adorable and lively. But do you know she’s also suffering from variety discomforts?

Her paws or snouts could be dried out, cracked or get hyperkeratosis when the weather is cold in winter;

Her paws may get really rough and worn from paved trails and city walks and this may be uncomfortable, especially as summer comes and pavement heats up;

And when she walks on the beach, the sands and salts would damage her paws.

All these are very common in dogs or other pets of all sizes. They are God made so cute creatures, their loyalty and companion for us should be rewarded.

Keep your pet’s feet happy and healthy with our effective all natural and organic paw soother balm. Our superior formula is not too thick, creamy or sticky and absorbs well to clear up dryness, scratchy and callused , hard paw pads leaving them instantly softened and conditioned. Love your pets, get some for her.


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