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GAUTERF Dog and Cat Universal Harness with Leash Set, Escape Proof Cat Harnesses – Adjustable Reflective Soft Mesh Corduroy Dog Harnesses – Best Pet Supplies

The four core values of GAUTERF:

1.Caring for dogs & cats.

2.Investigate and innovate for pet’s supplies.

3.Staying competitive and learning from others.

4.Listen to consumers and understand what they need.

GAUTERF pet supplies provide pet lovers with better quality and solutions that consumers can buy with confidence.

Our product can help you and your pet have more fun. 


Perfect shape and practical materials, superior quality.

②The feeling of wear

The easy-to-use buckle design makes it quick to wear,and save time.Lightweight and it is comfortable to wear.

The combination of soft inner fabric and strong outer fabric can be worn comfortably in any season.


Definitely comfortable, we recommended you to wash this dog harness with your hand instead of wash with machine. Durable and easy to clean.


There are 3M reflective tapes on both sides of the wire harnesses. This design has good reflectivity and improved night visibility.

Can reflect bright light Give your pet dogs more safety at night.

Good quality traction belt buckle,high hardness, rust-proof and durable, the use of stylish D-type buckle, convenient buckle traction rope traction.


Five sizes, each size can be adjusted so that the dog’s neck will not be tied and the dog’s hair will not be stick with the product.

No matter you have a puppy or a big dog, we always have the dog harnesses you want.

The comfortable size can make the dog’s chest more secure.

The GAUTERF’s pet dog harness also addresses the shortcomings of the traditional use of collars, prevent dogs from damage their trachea.

Protect the dog’s growth and protect the dog from injury.

TIPS: GAUTERF Pet Supplies are not use for dog’s chewing.

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