GOGOKING Pet utensils Dog Bowl Non-Slip Double Dog Bowl High-Grade Stainless Steel Bowl Ruggedness

Description Product Name: slip shatterproof Pet Bowl Specifications: bowl diameter 26cm, diameter sized 20cm, outside the high 6cm, in the high 5cm. Material: Stainless Steel Product Weight: 0.4 KG Description: 2-in-1 pair of dog bowls, non-slip rubber bottom ring Stainless steel bowl: safe, durable, easy to take place, easy to clean. Features: Single bowl easy to clean, to reduce a lot of burden, the use of the material for easy cleaning. Product modeling simple fluid lines, a modern, economical and practical features. Non-slip rubber ring on the smooth surface, your baby how naughty Jen will not slide on the following specifications caliber diameter, outer diameter means lower caliber, highly effective means of high volume, so much higher, that is, food can hold height .


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