Price : $26.99
Brand : Hero Dog

Hero Dog Large Dog Bed Crate Pad Mat 44 Inch Washable Matteress Anti Slip Cushion for Pets Sleeping Grey XL

Dog crate pad in size Extra large
** Dog bed with durable fluffy-soft fleece surface is soft on paws and noses, offer year-round enjoyment, easily blend in any surrounding decor, the color helps hide the shedding
** Kennel mat is anti-slip, easy to keep in position, is the perfect choice for pets who like to sprawl and snooze the day away, design for smaller, large, older or disabled pets, good for car if outside travel
** Orthopedic dog bed is good for dogs if it’s vertebral and joints are week, clam down the noisy breeds, the ultra-soft fleece won’t pill up like other fleece pet beds
** 100% machine washable, 4 to 5 pieces for a 6.5KG washing machine is ok. Such kind good quality mat still keep good shape after one year washing.
** Anti-slip mattress , especially for the aggressive dogs, the mat will keep in position after long time activities, really safe when your pet steps on, steps off, or curls up for a nap
** Size of the bed pad: 27.5 IN Small, 36 IN Medium, 42 IN Large, large size for large dogs clearance
** Whatever in carrier, crate, house kennel, car seat, you can find a suitable size. Colors of the bed mat are good complement any home decor.
** NOTE: Our dog bed is designed for active dog, not chew resistant
Quality Guarantee: We promise good quality, If you have any problem, please contact us immediately, we will solve your problem in 24 hours

“Hero Dog” brand focus on offer best quality pet products. As pet owner, we know what our pet need and what kind products best to them
Each product will have more than 5 months design and test, JUST WANT TO treat them as our families and give them the best.


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