Price : $37.99
Brand : Jing Cheng

Jing Cheng [Newest 2019] Dog Bark Spray Collar, Rechargeable Waterproof Anti-bark Adjustable Pet Training Collars Device for Small Medium Large Dogs

Dog Bark Collar – Rechargeable Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar with Spray & Smart Barking Detection for Small Medium Large Dogs

Why Choosing Us?

    Comes with non-toxic lemon-scented spray

    No sound nor vibration will be made to bring pain or stress to your dog during training

    Comes with smart barking detection and free from interference of sound and frequency

    Comes with an integrated USB rechargeable lithium battery for repeated use

    Comes with adjustable and waterproof chest strap for perfect fit and easy clean

    30-day money-back service for quality insurance


Item: Dog Bark Collar

Weight: 112g

Size: 78 x 33 x 28mm

Applicable Weight: 6-60kg

Applicable Chest: 17-50cm

Fragrance: Lemon


1. Make sure the collar is not too tight nor too loose – one finger should just fit between the collar belt and your dog’s nec

2. For dogs with long furs, trim the furs along the spray path for effective spray range

3. Examine the neck area of your dog daily to ensure the absence of rash and redness

4. Our bark collar is suggested to use for dogs over 6 months and over 8lbs

5. The collar should not be worn longer than 12 hours to avoid skin irritation


Spray warning can distract your dogs’ attention and stop barking. At this time, try to praise them so that they can remember the warning. If your dogs struggle with spray warning, try to guide and comfort them to help them adapt to it for a few times.  

Common Issues

1. When the power is turned on, the green light flashes continuously and cannot work normally: the power is insufficient and needs to be charged.

2. The red light interval flashes once: the battery is very low and needs to be recharged.


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