Price : $23.99
Brand : JoicyCo

JoicyCo Dog Bed Medium Crate Pad Dog Mat Mattress Pet Beds Foam Cushion with Washable Cover Anti-Slip 31.50″

About Us:

JoicyCo is a company that specializes in the design and production of pet mattresses to create a comfortable and healthy pet environment.

Pets need a comfortable spongs mattress dog bed. This dog bed mattress is a comfortable foam designed to fit your dog’s body contours and relieves painful joint pressure. The dog bed is comfortable and soft and durable enough. Especially suitable for elderly pets with arthritis, joint problems or hip dysplasia.

Product Usage:

1. Pet mattress, chair cushion, home rest cushion

2. Car, kennel, home decoration

Product Features:

1. High rebound foam is good for correcting pet bones and ensuring healthy growth of pets.

2. Comfortable and soft, providing a comfortable, warm and quality sleeping environment for pets.

3. Zipper design, easy to disassemble and put into the washing machine for cleaning

4. Non-toxic and harmless materials, healthy and safe use

5. Suitable for cat and dog cages

6. The bottom non-slip silicone, no movement, protect the pet from playing on the bed without falling

7. Diverse product sizes for small/medium/large dogs


12 month warranty for any parts damaged by manufacturer defects, if you have any product questions or suggestions, or have concerns about the products you have purchased, we would be happy to hear from you.


Please note that since it is vacuum packed, please take it apart for 48 hours before using it.


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