Price : $9.95
Brand : LuckyPet

LuckyPet Slide-On Pet ID Tags, Personalized Dog and Cat Tags in 3 Sizes, Silent, Chew-Proof Stainless Steel Collar Tags, Custom Engraved, Fits Buckle or Snap Style Collars, Large, Open Ends

1) Choose your style and size.
2) Click CUSTOMIZE NOW to add your personalized engraving info.
*Please note: your engraving info will automatically be defaulted to ALL CAPS unless you write a note specifying otherwise.

Choose the Proper Style-

We offer each size tag in an Open Style and Closed Style referring to the slots on the sides of the tag; both look exactly the same from the front.

The Closed Style is designed for belt buckle style collars that are open on one end. You slide your pet’s collar in one slot and out the other. The Open Style works on buckle style collars as well so you may choose either.

If your pet’s collar does not have an “open end” (such as a snap-together type collar) you must choose our Open Style tag. To install, you pinch the collar and squeeze it into the opening in the slots on the tag.

Regarding the Open Style: Once you have the tag in place and the collar is pulled tight against the back of the tag, it is very secure and will not fall off. The toughness of stainless steel and the thickness of our tags combine to make the ears very strong.

Will Your Pet’s Collar Fit?-

This style tag is designed to work with single-ply nylon collars (one layer of material) but should work with any collar that is less than 1/8″ thick. That is about the thickness of a stack of two pennies. Most leather collars will be too thick and is not pliable enough to weave neatly through the slots on the tag. We offer a Rivet-On Style tag that may work for thicker collars.

Our Small Size is 1-3/8″ long by 5/8″ wide and fits perfectly on a 3/8″ wide collar as long as it is under 1/8″ thick.

Our Medium Size is 1-5/8″ long by 7/8″ wide and fits perfectly on a 5/8″ wide collar as long as it is under 1/8″ thick.

Our Large Size is 2″ long by 1-1/4″ wide and fits perfectly on a 1″ wide collar as long as it is under 1/8″ thick.


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