Price : $19.99
Brand : Manfiter

Manfiter Dog Doorbell for Dog Training with Collapsible Dog Bowl and Dog Clicker and Dog Waste Bag Dispenser with 15 Count Bags,Dog Bathroom Bells

Tasteful design of silver coating of bells keep them shiny.
Seven Loud bells can be hear through your home, our puppy training bells with extra strong metal bells that ring loud and true every time.


Adjustable bells perfect for small dogs, medium dog, large dogs & other animals like cats.

Works on any type of doorknob, handle or hook that you want to affix it to, very practical and convenient for you to use.


STEP 1. Simply hang the BRIESLY Bells on the door your dog uses to go out and train your dog to tap the bell to communicate that they need to go outside.

STEP 2. When your dog needs to go out, bring them to the doorbells and ring the bells with their paw and give your dog a command, then open the door to let them go outside.

STEP 3. Repeat the process each time when your pet needs to go outside. Remember to praise your pet and be consistent in your action. Most pets will begin to associate ringing the bells with praise and getting to go outside and will learn to do it by themselves.

Materials: Nylon & Brass

Product Dimensions: 2.5*85cm/1*33.5inch
Bells Dimension: 1.4inch
Net Weight: 320g
Package Included:

2* Dog Doorbells
1* Dog Waste Bag
1* Dog Clicker,
1* Dog Bowl.


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