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MONTAUR Dog Bark Collar – no Shock Vibration and Sound Stop Barking Collar for Dogs – 7 Level Sensitivities Anti Bark Collar – Humane Dog Barking Control Collar – 100% Waterproof no Bark Collar

You consider your dog as a friend? You love this furry friend and would never hurt it?

Your dog’s barking every night makes you not sleep well?

You want to help your dog stop this bad habit? With these reasons, you need the Humane Dog Bark Control Collar.

MONTAUR Dog Bark Collar is an excellent solution that helps you eliminate excessive barking, keep the peacefulness in your neighborhood.

This Dog Bark Collar is made of high quality, durable and safe materials so it is comfortable for your dog when it is put on and be 100% safe for your dogs.

Stop barking with MONTAUR NEWEST, MOST POWERFUL bark dog collar to date. It automatically detects and stops barking with special sound & vibration frequencies and works up to 7 Levels Sensitivity Adjustment.


The adjustable strap of this Dog bark collar is made of durable nylon reflective material.

This dog bark collar comes with 2 different color faceplates that allow you to choose the color fitting the best to your dog or to your own mood.

Our dog barking collar are 100% rainproof which allows you to walk or train your dog in any weather even in wet weather.

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