Brand : MuttsKickButt

MuttsKickButt by SodaPup – Coffee Cup – Natural Rubber Treat Dispensing Toy – Slow Feeder – Made in USA – Durable Rubber for Heavy Chewers – Red – Large

MuttsKickButt coffee cup shaped chew toy is proudly made in the USA of a natural rubber compound that is FDA compliant, non-toxic, biodegradable and veterinarian approved. Use this fun rubber chew toy as a treat dispenser, or slow feeder for your pup! Fill with their favorite treats or food and top off with peanut butter to create an engaging and stimulating puzzle for mealtime, snack time, or crate training time to create a positive experience. Fun coffee cup dog toy is made of our Original Puppyprene natural rubber compound, which is very durable while remaining delightfully chewy. Ideal for heavy chewers. Remember that no dog chew toy is indestructible. Playtime should be supervised as much as possible, and dog toys should be inspected and replaced when heavy wear and tear is visible. MuttsKickButt toys are dishwasher safe and super easy to keep clean! All MuttsKickButt products are made in the USA, meaning they comply with USA environmental standards which are among the highest in the world! Our dog toys contain natural rubber that comes from trees, which is a renewable resource. We use only FDA Compliant ingredients that are safe for your dog and the environment. We keep jobs in America by providing local jobs, paying fair wages and providing assistance with health care. We comply with OSHA standards, providing a safe and healthy working environment. MuttsKickButt is a proud member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the pet industry develop socially and environmentally responsible business practices. MuttsKickButt proudly donates products to animal shelters and humane societies through it’s RESCUE2 Program.


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