Price : $20.00
Brand : DogDaG

[NEW 2019] Humane Bark collar-Dog bark Collar-Anti Barking Collar Small Dogs Medium Large Dogs-Rechargeable Waterproof Anti bark Collar-No bark Collars Sound Warning Vibration Electric Stimulation

Curb unwanted barking humanely the ALTAM Anti-Bark collar stops your dog’s nuisance barking safely and painlessly, making him a welcome member of the family. This no-shock collar is activated by movement of your dog’s vocal chords, training your puppy or dog even when you aren’t home with him. This ensures that the neighbors won’t be disturbed by separation anxiety barking while you are away. A comfortable nylon collar and lightweight control make our collar suitable for even the smallest teacup Poodle. Administer only the necessary correction with 7 sensitivity levels, This electronic collar provides only the degree of stimulation needed to obtain good behavior. Beeps and gentle vibrations from a pair of prongs at your dog’s throat help him quickly associate the Warnings with his barking. If your dog does not Heed the corrections after the 7th bark, a 1-minute sleep mode occurs before the correction cycle begins again. This Sonic collar produces nearly indiscernible sound, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. We’ve combined fashion with durability The ALTAM no bark collar boasts rugged nylon webbing with heavy-duty stitching, and a compact control unit with 2 interchangeable color plates. This weather resistant set can be worn in rainy and snowy conditions so it is ideal for Sport dogs and puddle jumpers alike. A sturdy dual-retention buckle requires 2 points of pressure to unlock, giving you peace of mind that your high-energy dog won’t shake it lose during play. Train your dog to be an enjoyable, obedient member of the family. Add the ALTAM Anti bark dog collar to your cart today.


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