Brand : ColorPet

Pet Barrier between Front Two Seats, Great for Cars, Fits Flawlessly, Black in Color, Easily Foldable Into a Very Portable and Functional Piece, Durable and Strong by ColorPet

This product form ColorPet is an extremely utility product. Comes with almost everything! Its unique way of working cannot be matched with anything out there. This pet barrier not only acts as a pet barrier itself but also acts as a storage compartment too. The black color treatment given to this product is mainly thought out so as to make it perfect for every interior possible. The material used is made sure to be durable and very strong so as to keep your pet contained safe and also make your drive safer.

Pets tend to move towards the front between the two front seats out of curiosity which can be very dangerous while you are driving. This product prevents that beautifully. It takes care of the air circulation at the back as well. The mesh like net provided in two places (upwards and downwards) work as a multipurpose air circulation or ventilation window. The barrier does not sag even a bit thanks to its pop-wire frame. You can easily see through the net so as to keep the track of your pet and vice versa your pet can also see so as to fulfill their curiosity.

It comes with a storage compartment as well which helps to keep important things of yours as well as some things for your pet as well like a pet grooming kit, combs, brushes. The compartments are of good size and will make organizing things very easy. The strong suspension like mechanism makes sure that it fits every car with ease. It can be easily folded into a circle with a size of 12 inches which is easily portable and can be easily stored as well.


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