Price : $5.98
Brand : Petroom

Petroom Sweetie Pup Dog Dress ,Cute Bowknot Shirt For Small Girl Dogs Pink S

Size description
XS: Girth:9″;Neck:10.4″;Back:8″;Recommend for dogs weight 1-2 pound
S: Girth:10″;Neck:11.2″;Back:10″;Recommend for dogs weight 2-4 pound
M: Girth:11″;Neck:12″;Back:11.6″;Recommend for dogs weight 4-6 pound
L: Girth:14″;Neck:13.2″;Back:14″;Recommend for dogs weight 6-8 pound
XL: Girth:16″;Neck:15.2″;Back:15.2″;Recommend for dogs weight 8-13 pound
Please combine the specific size and the recommended weight to choose the right size.
*Size Guide – Measure before shopping*

❤️ 1.How to measure your dog?
Measure your pet correctly with a tape and write it down.
Chest girth : Measure the chest at its widest point all the way around
Back length: Measure length of pet’s back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.(Excluding the tail)
Determine what type of the clothes you will purchase.
For tops (such as dresses, shirts and coats without legs),the chest girth is the most important, please be sure the chest of a clothes can fit your pet.
Slightly shorter or longer back length will be OK, but not too short or too long.
Check the size table on the product page and determine what size you need.
If any of the measurements are ‘between’ two sizes, choose the larger size.
If your measurements are toward the upper end of the range given for a particular size,choose the larger size, as you may also wish to do for heavily coated dogs to accommodate all that fur.

❤️ 2.Your baby usually wears size S doesn’t mean all size S will fit him/her.

❤️ 3.If any of the measurements are ‘between’ two sizes, choose the larger size.

❤️ 4.Take each measurement a bit loosely.


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