Brand : Roundabout Pets

PETS RESCUE STICKERS x 4 with BONUS ‘Pet Home Alone’ WALLET CARDS x 2. Alert emergency first responders to pets inside home

PEACE OF MIND whenever you leave your pets home alone. Should an emergency occur – fire, flood, earthquake or hurricane – let first responders know to save your pets by using this simple SAFETY STICKER on your doors or windows

SPACE FOR ALL PETS to be included. Note the number and type of pets inside your home: dogs, cats, birds etc. Write on the sticker with a permanent marker

IDEAL SIZE AND COLOR TO BE EASILY SEEN : 4.55 inches high and 4 inches wide in bright red

PRINTED IN AUSTRALIA using solvent inks, they are Weatherproof and UV Resistant. GUARANTEED to last for up to 2 years minimum

STICKERS NOT CLINGS: We want these stickers to be secure and visible in an emergency. Stickers are more heat resistant and less likely to fall off over time

APPLICATION: It’s a breeze! They are designed to stick to any smooth, clean surface: be sure to clean and dry the surface before you apply the sticker. Apply to glass windows or wooden doors

4 x STICKER PACK: to ensure good coverage around your home or apartment. You cannot predict which window or door will be accessed in an emergency

2 x BONUS WALLET CARDS in case of emergency when you are out of the home. ALERT emergency workers to your “pet(s) home alone” if you are taken ill or involved in an accident. List a friend or relative’s contact number on the card to care for your pets

HIGH QUALITY 350gsm CARD STOCK: Designed to fit into your purse or wallet, like a business card. Keep the spare in your car. Write on the card using a fine point permanent marker. Laminate for extra protection


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