Price : $25.95
Brand : PetSafe

PetSafe 3in1 Harness, from The Makers of The Easy Walk Harness, Fully Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harness

As an industry leader in pet harnesses and nylon products, PetSafe is committed to providing you and your pets with the very best. The 3in1 Harness is our latest achievement and combines the convenience of a standard dog harness with a no-pull front leash attachment option!

Not only can you safely run or jog with your dog, but you’ll also be able to teach good behaviors to stop leash pulling and tugging. The front leash attachment and vertical martingale loop build on principles which we’ve perfected over decades in the industry.

A front leash attachment counters your dog’s natural opposition reflex – the drive which prompts sled dogs to pull-and helps reduce or eliminate pulling. We’ve also included a convenient car control strap to help keep your dog safe while riding in a car. Use the adjustable control strap or gray handle on the back of the harness to slide the seat belt through and buckle as usual so your dog remains safely restrained.

With a front leash attachment, back leash attachment and car control strap attachment, the 3in1 Harness combines comfort, safety and adjustability into the perfect all-inclusive harness!


Included in the Box

  • 3in1 Harness
  • Car Safety Restraint


Sizing Information

Size Pet Weight Girth Measurement Neck Measurement
Extra Small  10-25 lb.  13-19 in.  9-14 in.
Small  25-45 lb.  19-24 in.  14-18 in.
Medium  45-75 lb.  24-34 in.  18-26 in.
Large  75-130 lb.  29.5-42.5 in.  24-38 in.



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