Price : $14.99
Brand : Pro Select

ProSelect Crate Fan Cooling System

The optional ProSelect cooling system features a non-toxic freezer pack insert and a plastic housing cartridge that snaps onto the front of either the ProSelect standard or ProSelect deluxe crate fan to add extra cooling power that lasts for up to two hours. We recommend placing the attachment to the outside of the crate only. Crate fan cooling system cartridge is attractively packaged. Liquid ingredients are propylene glycol, distilled water, Z-phenoxy ethanol, anionic polyacrylamide, chelating agent, food dye. Place core pack in freezer and chill for at least four hours. Store Insert core pack into the plastic cartridge housing. Attach cartridge to front of crate fan and twist counterclockwise to lock into place. To remove, twist clockwise. Additional core packs can be kept in freezer until needed. Measures 5-4/5-inch length by 5-1/2-inch width by 3-4/5-inch height.


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