Brand : Yogo

Short Hair Dog Brush for Shedding and Detangling. Best Double Sided Grooming Rake with Cutting Edge Gel Filled Handle for Maximum Comfort. Improve your Pet’s Health Now!

Improve your pet’s health and appearance today!

This NEW innovative rake will put all your fears of grooming your dog or cat at ease.

•DETANGLES even the most stubborn mats and knots.

•PREVENTS unneccesary pain to your pets skin.

•DUAL PURPOSE-Double sided rake works great for both dematting and deshedding!

•NEW gel filled handles ensures a pleasant process from start to finish.


We stand behind our product 100%

We are confident that you will absolutely LOVE your new grooming brush. However,if you are unhappy with your purchase at any point, kindly contact us and we will refund or replace it if there is an issue.

Thank You for choosing YogoTM

We get your pets wagging!


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