Price : $45.99
Brand : BARKLO

Small Dog Bark Collar For Tiny To Medium Dogs by BARKLO Rechargeable And Waterproof Vibrating Anti Bark Training Device – Smallest & Most Safe On Amazon – No Shock No Spiky Prongs! ( 6+ lbs ) (Black)

You love your dog, but their barking is a problem. It wakes you up, gets on your neighbors’ nerves and makes your home feel stressful.

You want to control your puppy’s barking, but other methods won’t work or just aren’t suitable for your dog!

Barklo Mini Anti-Bark Vibration Collar is a humane, effective and convenient deterrent to help your dog to learn to stop barking.

Our collar helps your dog build an association between barking and the annoying (but painless) vibration.

Dogs are quick learners; your dog will rapidly learn to avoid the irritating sensation by not barking.

When you use this collar your pet learns to calm down and you get a little peace and quiet again.

How It Works

Barklo Mini Anti-Bark Vibration Collar is controlled by a high tech microprocessor that can distinguish between your dog’s bark and other environmental noises.

When your dog first barks, the collar makes a warning beep.

A second bark within 30 seconds produces another beep for your dog.

After that, the collar reminds them to stay quiet by adding a gentle but irritating vibrating sensation to the noise.

The vibration is harmless, but still strong enough to interrupt their bark.

If barking continues, the vibration progresses through 5 levels of duration until your dog stops barking for at least thirty seconds.

The Barklo Mini Anti-Bark Vibration Collar is specially designed to help you get optimal correction training results.

The collar gives your dog a simple, predictable stimulus that humanely controls their behavior.

When repeatedly activated in a short period, the collar has a 1 minute sleep mode to give your dog a break.

Our collar fits doggy necks up to 19″, so it’s ideal for small and medium dogs – any dog bigger than 6lbs and at least 6 months old

Important – the Barklo Mini Anti-Bark Vibration Collar is rechargeable and waterproof.


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