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Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote Control,2 Modes Spray Dog Bark Collar (Not Included Citronella Spray),500 ft Range No Electric Shock Harmless,Rechargeable Waterproof (With Remote Control)

Frequent Questions & Answers
Q1. How to fill the citronella spray?
Set the collar on a flat surface with the refill port turned upwards. Hold the refill spray can upright and firmly press the nozzle down into the refill port. Hold down firmly for 15 seconds and release.
Q2. How to match the remote control and receiver (enter the “Remote control mode”)?
Must be within 10 seconds after turning on the collar (very important), press and hold on the “Dog 1” or “Dog 2” button on the remote until hearing 5 “beep” sound from the receiver then they are matched.
Q3. How to use “Auto anti-bark mode”?
After turning on the collar, it will automatically enter “Auto anti-bark mode” if don’t press any button of the remote within the first 1minute.
Q4. How do I know that I should refill the spray?
When the red LED light of receive collar flashes 1 time per 5 seconds, please refill the spray. We suggest that full refill the spray before use every time.
Q5. How to adjust the sensitivity of the collar?
After the collar is turned on, press the On/Off button to adjust the sensitivity level. The blue LED light will indicate the level of sensitivity (L/M/H).
Q6. How to wear the collar properly?
Make sure the Spray Nozzle is angled out and pointing up towards the dog’s snout. For long-haired dogs, please trim the neck hairs along the path of the spray.

Main Features
-Combine remote training function and auto anti-bark function.
– Range up to 500 ft.
– Fit for all dogs over 8lbs.
– Long and Short spray optional.
– High and Low training beep.
– Rechargeable Li-ion battery.
– LED low battery indication. The red light on the left of the receiver will flash 1 time per second when the battery level is low.
– LED low spray indication. The red light on the left of the receiver will flash 1 time per five seconds when the inside spray stock is low.


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