Price : $89.99
Brand : Staart

Staart – Esker Wooden Pet Steps – Mocha Walnut – Small

We’re all guilty of watching funny pet videos on YouTube while we’re at work or sending relatable pet memes to our friends. We spend endless hours watching puppies try to jump on to the sofa and end up landing on their furry behinds. Or cats trying to climb on to a bed and scrambling to stay on their feet because they have no leverage. As funny as it is to watch those videos, it sucks to be a pet parent watching your babies struggle every day. Say goodbye to your puppy scrambling, their paws frantically clawing as they struggle to climb up the sofa so they can snuggle with you. The small Esker Wooden Pet Steps make it easy for small and medium sized pets to climb up to the couch so they can watch some TV and relax after a long day or reach the bed so they can help fold the laundry (if only). It also has wider and taller steps then average so pets can climb them easily. And did we mention the rounded edges on the steps allow them to climb up without getting injured? Score! And they’ll still do that cute booty waddle as they climb. This versatile furniture piece offers some pretty great benefits for you as well, besides endless opportunities to film Instagram-able videos of your pet climbing the steps of course. The steps are stylish enough to be placed in any room and easily fit in with your décor. They also have built in storage space, perfect for storing away the endless balls and pet toys that you bought for them to play with. Now that your fur baby is spending less time and energy trying to climb up to you, they’ll have more time for cuddles. Win! *It also comes in 2 different colors and sizes as well, woo!


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