Price : $35.99
Brand : petnf

Upgraded Bark Collar Large Small Dog,2019 Automatic Rechargeable Shock Collar for Dogs Waterproof,Dog Barking Control Deterrent Devices Outdoor Indoor,E collars for dogs,Anti Bark Device Bark Stopper

Our products suitable for dogs/pets with separation anxiety
1.Don’t use this bark collar on fierce dogs.
2.Do not use this product in an attempt to correct fierce dog. A dog trainer should be called in to correct fierce dog.If you are unsure whether this product is suitable for your dog, consult a dog trainer.
3.This bark Collar can only be used on healthy dogs,
4.This product should not be used on dogs weighing less than 6 pounds or 6 months old.
1. Avoid letting pets bite the equipment and scratch the equipment shell.
2. This equipment is composed of non-digestible plastic and electronic components. If a pet accidentally swallows any materials, Please consult your local veterinarian.
3. This bark collar is not for general use.
4. Although the microprocessor of this device can distinguish between the barking of dogs and ambient sounds, it is occasionally shaken or sounded by other sounds. The Sound triggers work, which is normal but doesn’t happen often and doesn’t bother dogs.
5. If set Often triggered by a dog’s excessive scratching, shaking head, or rolling over, a dog may have fleas in ears, please go to the vet to get rid of the parasites.


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