Price : $4.99
Brand : UPSKY

UPSKY Slow Feeder Small Dog Bowl Slow Eating Bowl Anti-Choking Bowl with Bright Macaroon Colors Stop Bloat Food Bowl with Qualified Material and Steady Structure

UPSKY Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is aimed to take a good care of your pets.

Have you ever encountered the following troubles?

Pets eating food too rushed often get caught.

Pets are too lively, bowls are often overturned.

Bowls are too greasy to clean.

We can all help you solve these troubles.


1. A reasonable distance between ridge and valley can effectively delay the pet eating speed, adjust pet weight, prolonging meal time prevent indigestion and promotes healthy eating.

2. Anti-slip mat is set on the base, which is made of rubber with the excellent anti-slip property. We add 4 anti-slip mats to make the anti-skid property significantly increase.

3. For the slow feeder bowl has PP coating, cleaning of the bowl is also easy, it not only save your time but also keeps the bowls clearly.

UPSKY Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is your good choice!!


size: 7 x 7 x 1.7 inches

Weight: 6.4 OZ

Material: PP Material

Package includes: Slow Feeder Dog Bowl x1

If you have any questions, please contact us without hesitation, UPSKY professional support team is standing by to assist you.


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