Brand : Zampa

ZAMPA Soft-Sided Kennel, For Small Size Puppies & Cat’s Carrier. With 2 Openings + Shoulder Strap Great For Travel. Foldable & Space-Free – Pink

Going On A Walk With The Highest Quality Carrier Bag

Transporting your pet can be a hard task depending on how well they respond
to being put in a carrier. This Soft-Sided cat carrier is a perfect solution
for small pets. Like cats, puppies and small dogs up to 10 lbs.

The carrier is thoughtfully designed

* With mesh side windows and doors that allows great ventilation
and natural light to enter your pet’s space, which keeps your
pet happy while traveling. And is important because you do not want
your pet to overheat while they are being transported.

* Thick pad adds even more cozy comfort for your pet,
while the carrier bag is construckted with thick quilted
nylon for comfort and safety.

* Open the window so your pet can stick its head out
and still be save with the interior leash clip.

* Supper lightweight constructed making it eacsy to carry.

* Small pocked, so you can always have treats handy with you.

Our Pet Carrier comes in one size 15 x 7.5 x 17 and have enough
space to carry it on a airplane.

Where ever you go, on a walk, oversea trip, to the vet. we had you in mind
Check out some reviews and see why our customers just love it.


Get it today for 50% OFF
If your pet is not happy with his/her carrier, we will refund your money
up to one year.



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