Price : $40.97
Brand : Perma Child Safety

Perma Child Safety Extra Tall Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate, 39.4 Inches Tall, Extra Wide up to 71”, Gray

Perma Child Safety provides safety solutions for the next generation.

Once your baby starts crawling an entire world opens around your home and a strategically placed safety gate can make all the difference. At Perma Child Safety, we pride ourselves on the best creative, functional, and technologically advanced child safety equipment provided at an affordable price. The Outdoor Retractable Gate is no exception and is ideal for infants 6 – 24 months and medium sized dogs up to 40 pounds.

Life doesn’t just happen inside which is why we made this Extra Tall Extra Wide Outdoor Retractable Gate durable enough to endure the elements but functional enough for indoor use. Extending up to 71″ wide and is 39.4″ tall and comes with screws, catch mounts, wall spacers, shims for baseboards, and an installation guide for simple set up. Made with a durable UV and claw resistant mesh that easily retacts away and only requires one hand to operate the mechanism. 

Safety is priority number one, and the first line of defense in baby proofing your home is a safety gate to protect your child or pet from hazardous areas. At Perma Child Safety, our goal is to provide affordable child care products with the latest technology in safety.


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