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Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable – Anti Barking Collar For Small Dogs – Smallest Most Humane Stop Barking Collar – Dog Training No Shock Bark Collar Waterproof – Safe Pet Bark Control Device

✔ A 100% Safe & Humane Barking Solution for Your Dog

Neighborhood joggers, other animals or just a b gust of wind – whatever the reason for your dog’s excessive barking, we’ve got you covered. While other dog bark collars use controversial shock techniques, Elecane uses a completely safe approach. An approach that’s a long-term behavior solution, not just a quick fix. With 7 levels of correction, helping train your dog to understand their barking is bad. The first level is just a warning tone, then the corrections increase in frequency until they stop barking. Dogs are fast learners, and once they feel the vibration a few times, they’ll correct their behavior.

✔ For Even the Smallest Yappers

Sometimes it’s the tiniest breeds that yell the loudest. So this design specifically helps toy dogs and smaller breeds. The adjustable collar fits neck sizes between 6 and 20″ and weights between 4 and 50lbs! They can even wear it while they sleep – great for nighttime barkers! Ideal for small breeds with powerful barks like Chihuahuas, Beagles and Yorkies

✔ New 2019 Model

Our latest chip prevents false triggers by other dog’s barking. Instead of being activated by noise, it’s activated by vibrations from your dog’s throat.

Rechargeable & Rainproof

No more batteries dying on you. No more collars that malfunction as soon as a few drops of rain appear. The collar recharges via USB in under 90 minutes and lasts for up to two weeks on a single charge..

😍 Order with Confidence – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll love your new Elecane dog bark collar, we offer a complete money back guarantee.

❤ Our stock is limited – order now for a safer solution to unwanted barking.


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